New Again PC

Community Enhancing Technology Services and Environmental Efforts

Our Mission: "..enhance our community.."

New Again PC is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher,
    and an active participant in the Community MAR program.

Through Donation

Many of us take computers for granted, but there are still individuals who cannot afford to purchase one on their own. If you decide to upgrade your computer, we will use your old components to build machines for donation to those individuals. We look for low-income families in the community who can truly use the computer to advance their own or their children's achievements. If you decide that the New Again Restoration Service isn't right for you, or you're simply ready to purchase a new computer, your old one can be donated for restoration and placement with a local family. This is a 100% non-profit service.

Through Discounted Rates

Not everyone is able to leave their home easily, so we offer Seniors and individuals with disabilities up to a 50% discount on In-Home services.

If you have a computer to donate, or know of someone in need, contact us:

or 1-888-MyPC180


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