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About Jason

Jason grew up on the east coast, just outside Washington, D.C. In the mid-nineties, he discovered his natural talent with computers, and attended several vocational classes at the local community college. He was soon providing technical support services to his friends and family, and quickly began to lend his talents to larger institutions, including an Internet Service Provider, and Montgomery County Public Schools. In 2001, Jason was recruited for a full-time position as a technical analyst for the Federal Government. After nearly two and a half years of service, he followed his family to Southern California, and began to expand his own technical services company once again.

Throughout his life, Jason has stood out as someone who cares deeply about the world, and the people in it. He participated in a mission trip during each year of high-school, and volunteered in a variety of community programs. Post-graduation, he served as a middle and high-school youth leader, and was elected as an Elder in his local church.

Our Efforts

In recent history, the issue of E-Waste inspired Jason to re-think his business model. As a long-time advocate for conservation and recycling programs, the issue really struck home. Realizing that many computers are disposed of before the end of their useful life, due to nothing more than software problems, Jason's business now focuses on software restoration, rather than hardware replacement. The result is substantial cost saving for the client, and the diversion of their existing hardware and its dangerous components from a gruesome fate in landfills around the world.

When deciding what to do with old components, Jason could think of no better option than to put them back to use in the community. When components from your computer are replaced, those that still work are used to build basic computers for individuals who cannot afford one on their own. We look for low-income families in the community who can truly use the computer to advance their own or their children's achievements. Components that cannot be used are donated for recycling to companies with strong environmental standards and oversights. (Learn why this is important.)

Taking it Further

Keeping our new waste out of the landfills is a great first step, but Jason wanted to do more. In 2008, he partnered his business with the U.S. EPA. His partnership fosters renewable energy production and the reduction of green house gas emissions, through the regular, substantial purchase of Clean Energy. His investment in Green-e certified wind energy covers 100% of his business and personal electricity use. To cover non-electrical energy use, Jason supports the planting of trees through the purchase of carbon offsets with Verified Emissions Reductions.

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